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Edna Louise Spear Elementary School



(Studies for Enriching Academic Learning)  

The Port Jefferson School District recognizes and is committed to meeting the educational needs of all students. Among these are the gifted and talented: students whose abilities and talents, as identified by qualified persons, are so outstanding that they require special educational provisions. The responsibility to educate all students dictates that we provide a program with trained personnel to challenge the gifted and talented population in areas of measurable intelligences, while nurturing and cultivating maximum growth in all facets of human development.

The S.E.A.L. Program begins working with children in third grade and continues through their elementary school experience. Students spend approximately one day per week out of their regular classroom to work on a variety of activities designed to meet their needs. The activities are based upon New York State Curriculum Standards.

Program Goals

  • Provide an educational setting that will enable students to become lifelong learners and producers.
  • Foster an atmosphere within which students can work cooperatively and stimulate each other.
  • Work toward a realistic and healthy concept of self and others while developing a workable personal set of values.
  • Develop higher-level thinking skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
  • Foster divergent and creative thinking.
  • Develop the thinking processes necessary for problem-finding and problem-solving and relate such techniques to learning situations.
  • Explore a variety of new areas of interests, resources, and curriculum modes.
  • Foster the development of student-oriented goals and objectives.
  • Develop products that the students have conceived and carried out.
Friday, September 25, 2020