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COVID 19 Positive Updates


In alignment with our continued efforts to keep our school community informed, we are reporting  the following positive COVID-19 cases 


 Elementary School

Middle School

High School Cases

6/14/21 0 0 0
6/1/21 0 0 0
5/14/21 0 0
5/6/21  1 In-Person Student n/a  1 In-Person Student 
4/26/21  1 In-Person Student   n/a n/a
4/19/21 0 0
4/12/21  n/a 1 In-Person Student   4 In-Person Students 

2 In-Person Students

1 Staff Member

n/a 7 In-Person Students 
3/23/21 1 In-Person Student   1 In-Person Student  5 Staff Members
3/15/21   1 In-Person Student  2 In-Person Students n/a 
3/8/21   1 In-Person Student  1 In-Person Student

2 In-Person Students

1 Remote Student

1 Staff Member

 3/1/21 n/a 1 In-Person Student  3 In-Person Students 

These cases are subject to mandatory quarantine. Any staff or student identified as a close contact has been notified and are also subject to quarantine. 

We will continue to update our community on a weekly basis.  If you are interested in a daily report please access our COVID-19 New York State Report Card

Staff and students, stay home if you are not feeling well, awaiting a pending COVID-19 test or have been exposed to a positive case.  For guidance on any of these circumstances, please reach out to your building principal.  Continue to be vigilant by getting vaccinated if eligible, social distancing, masks and hand hygiene.  Thank you for supporting the safety of our schools. 

Saturday, October 16, 2021