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Parents & Community Involvement

Parent and community involvement in the Port Jefferson Schools is a vital force contributing to the Publishing Center and Project Self-Esteem in the elementary school, the Middle School Conflict Resolution Peace Project, theme days, the Drug Free School Committee, and the Royal Educational Foundation.

Parents are active in planning recreational events and dances for students. One of the highlights of the school year is the senior prom, a truly unique and long-standing tradition in Port Jefferson. Each year a prom "theme" is chosen. The secrecy of theme and decorations is carefully guarded by community members who spend months preparing for a memorable night. Finally, the entire high school is physically transformed into a magical fantasy world with a theme to surprise and amaze both students and the entire community.


Community Service

The Community Service program provides students with an opportunity to interact with their environment, disabled people, disadvantaged people, senior citizens, and the youth of Port Jefferson. Students' Community Service directly benefits our village and develops leadership, responsibility and communication skills.