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Choose Sensibly

New York State Nutrition Association has created this Snack List to help identify those manufacturers and their products that meet the Choose Sensibly nutritional profile.
Choose Sensible (PDF)


Wellness Alternatives

The Port Jefferson School District is dedicated to educating students, families and staff about healthy alternatives that can be added to their lifestyle.  

The list attached gives healthy alternatives to:

  • Celebration Activities
  • Healthy food Alternative
  • Fundraising Alternatives

Promoting Wellness Alternatives (PDF)


Caring for Students with Life-Threatening Allergies

The New York State Department of Health in consultation with the New York State Education Department, has developed the attached procedures and guidelines to assist school districts in the development and implementation of their local policy. This document is intended for guidance to be used by the Board of Education, Superintendents, and the building team, as well as the parent/guardian in providing a safe environment and reasonable care for students with life-threatening allergies. It does not constitute a mandate nor imply liability should the school choose other options for care. While this resource contains recommendations that represent best practice, the school district and health professionals must determine the appropriateness of care developed to each individual student in the unique situation in which they practice within the parameters of existing laws and regulation (see Laws and Regulations p. 38).