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Edna Louise Spear Elementary School Empowers Students Through Innovative ‘Day-in-Clay’ Program

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Edna Louise Spear Elementary School ran a successful Day-in-Clay program, an initiative designed to ignite creativity and connect students with the rich history of ceramics. Through this program, the school welcomed acclaimed visiting artist Cliff Mendelson to guide students through the intricate world of pottery, fostering a deeper understanding of artistic expression and cultural heritage.

“We are thrilled to see the enthusiasm and talent showcased by our students during the Day in Clay program,” said Principal Amy Laverty. “This initiative fostered artistic expression and instilled a sense of pride and connection to our heritage to our students.”

The Day-in-Clay program is a unique educational endeavor that goes beyond traditional classroom teachings, offering students hands-on experience with the potter's wheel and various ceramic techniques. Fourth-grade students participated in the creation of a stunning 3D tile mural under Mr. Mendelson's expert guidance. The acclaimed artist also demonstrated the significance of the potter's wheel in the history of ceramics, emphasizing its role in connecting artisans to their cultural roots and potential in the creative medium. Under his supervision, students delved into the design process, selecting images that represent the diversity of nature and reflect their heritage, culture, and appreciation for the planet.

Each student took ownership of their artistic vision, designing a unique 6x6 tile that contributed to the larger 10' x 4' mural. From shaping the clay to painting intricate details, students experienced every aspect of the ceramic process, gaining invaluable skills and confidence in their abilities.

“Thank you to Mr. Mendelssohn for his invaluable contribution to this transformative experience,” said Dr. Michael Caravello, Director of Music and Fine Arts. “The culmination of the program will see the installation of the tile mural, serving as a lasting testament to the creativity and collaborative spirit of our students. The mural will adorn the school’s wall, inspiring future generations to explore the boundless possibilities of artistic expression.”

Date Added: 4/23/2024

Edna Louise Spear Elementary School Art Club Explores SUNY Stony Brook’s Zuccaire Gallery

Fifth-grade art club students from Edna Louise Spear Elementary School exploring contemporary art. thumbnail257534
Fifth-grade art club students from Edna Louise Spear Elementary School exploring contemporary art. thumbnail257535
Fifth-grade art club students from Edna Louise Spear Elementary School exploring contemporary art. thumbnail257536
Fifth-grade art club students from Edna Louise Spear Elementary School exploring contemporary art. thumbnail257537
Fifth-grade art club students from Edna Louise Spear Elementary School exploring contemporary art. thumbnail257538

Fifth-grade art club students from Edna Louise Spear Elementary School recently visited the Paul W. Zuccaire Gallery at SUNY Stony Brook's Staller Center. Accompanied by their art teacher, Riley Mulligan, the students explored the world of contemporary art as they visited the graduate student thesis art exhibit.

“What an enriching experience for our fifth-grade art club students, remarked Amy Laverty, Principal of Edna Lousie Spear Elementary School. “Activities like the trip to the Zuccaire Gallery inspire our students and provide them with hands-on opportunities to explore their passions and academic interests. It’s truly invaluable to their education, and we hope experiences like this encourage them to nurture their potential.”

During their visit, Karen Levitov, director and curator for the gallery, engaged with students in discussions about the various techniques and inspiration behind the artists' works. The students also participated in several hands-on activities, enriching their understanding of the creative process and their appreciation of contemporary art.

The Port Jefferson School District is proud to provide students with opportunities to explore the arts and expand their creative horizons, and extends its gratitude to Karen Levitov and the gallery team for their warm welcome and facilitation of this incredible experience!

Date Added: 4/18/2024

Earl L. Vandermeulen High School Student Athletes Engage with Edna Louise Spear Elementary School Students Through Reading and Sports

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Student-athletes in Earl L. Vandermeulen High School's junior varsity and varsity teams showcased their commitment to academics and sportsmanship by participating in a special event at Edna Louise Spear Elementary School.

Bringing together athletes from various spring sports—including baseball, softball, lacrosse, track, tennis, and golf—this unique event connected students from both schools for a day of reading and sports. The high school student-athletes began the day by reading books to the enraptured prekindergarten students to fifth graders, sharing stories and inspiring a love for reading and learning. This interactive reading session not only promoted literacy but also allowed the student-athletes to serve as positive role models for the younger students. Following the reading, the older students shared their passion for sports with the fifth graders, with each team representative providing a hands-on demonstration of their respective sport. The engaging and educational experience allowed the younger students to learn from the experienced athletes and gain a deeper appreciation for the sports displayed.

“The event was a testament to the strong community ties between Earl L. Vandermeulen High School and Edna Louise Spear Elementary School, fostering a sense of mentorship and camaraderie among students of all ages,” said Adam Sherrard, Director of Physical Education, Health, and Athletics. “The student-athletes demonstrated leadership, teamwork, and sportsmanship throughout the day, leaving a lasting impact on the elementary school students.”

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Date Added: 4/11/2024

Edna Louise Spear Elementary School Celebrates World Down Syndrome Day with Vibrant Lots of Socks Campaign

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In a heartwarming display of inclusivity and support, students and staff at Edna Louise Spear Elementary School came together to commemorate World Down Syndrome Day through a spirited Lots of Socks campaign.

Led by three dedicated students alongside their dedicated teacher Ms. McClelland, the school community embraced the occasion with enthusiasm and compassion. The Lots of Socks campaign, a global initiative, aims to raise awareness and promote acceptance of individuals with Down syndrome by encouraging participants to wear colorful and mismatched socks.

Ms. McClelland, spearheaded the campaign at Edna Louise Spear Elementary School, spreading joy and awareness through their efforts. In addition to donning vibrant socks, students were given bracelets and stickers as tokens of participation and solidarity. The atmosphere at the school was one of unity and celebration as students proudly showcased their unique sock combinations and embraced the message of acceptance and inclusion.

Furthermore, the members of the Edna Louise Spear Elementary School community demonstrated their generosity by participating in a fundraising initiative. Students came to school adorned in their colorful socks and donated one dollar each, with all proceeds dedicated to supporting the Down Syndrome Advocacy Foundation.

The Lots of Socks campaign provided a wonderful opportunity for our students to celebrate diversity and show their support for individuals with Down syndrome, said Amy Laverty, Principal of Edna Louise Spear Elementary School. Thank you to our students who have exemplified the spirit of compassion and inclusivity, and we are incredibly proud of their leadership.

World Down Syndrome Day, observed annually on March 21st, serves as a poignant reminder of the valuable contributions and inherent worth of individuals with Down syndrome. By participating in the Lots of Socks campaign and fundraising efforts, the Edna Louise Spear Elementary School community has reaffirmed its commitment to fostering a culture of empathy, acceptance, and understanding.

Date Added: 4/4/2024

Edna Louise Spear Elementary School Hosts 10th Annual Scraggy Talent Show

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The stage was set, the lights were bright, and the talented students of Edna Louise Spear Elementary School stole the show at their 10th Annual Scraggy Talent Show, hosted by the school’s dedicated Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). The event was a dazzling display of creativity, skill, and passion, as students from kindergarten through fifth grade showcased their talents via captivating performances.

17 acts, featuring individual and group performances, mesmerized the audience. The students left a lasting impression with their remarkable talents, including vibrant dance routines, musical instrumental pieces, and vocal performances. The diverse range of acts highlighted each performer's unique skills and personalities, creating a truly unforgettable experience for all in attendance.

“Our students never fail to amaze us with their talent and dedication; this year’s Scraggy Talent Show was no exception,” said Amy Laverty, Principal of Edna Louise Spear Elementary School. “It was a show to witness the creativity and passion of our students as they took the stage and shared their gifts with the school community. Special thanks to our dedicated PTA for hosting another successful talent show.”

The talent show provided a platform for students to express themselves, build confidence, and showcase their artistic abilities in a supportive and encouraging environment. The enthusiastic support from families, teachers, and peers created a sense of unity and pride within the school, reinforcing the importance of fostering creativity and talent in young minds.

Date Added: 3/22/2024