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The Science of Skating

Students During Field Trip Skating Trip thumbnail217135
Students During Field Trip Skating Trip thumbnail217136
Students During Field Trip Skating Trip thumbnail217137

Port Jefferson Middle School sixth graders enjoyed a unique educational experience on a math and science field trip to United Skates of America in Seaford. Students learned how the concepts of science, technology, engineering and math can be found in everyday experiences and hands-on activities, and roller skating brought that to life.

“The kids had a blast,” math teacher Meg Ryan said. “They skated every minute possible, nobody sat out. They really enjoyed the math portion of the trip.”

Students took turns timing each other as they ran across the rink and computed their speed as a rate in feet per second. They did another activity where they found the average size roller skate based on data they collected from their peers.

In addition to Ms. Ryan, thanks to chaperones Sheila Albinson, Kristin Britt, Melissa Corey, Craig Perrino, Alyssa Rivera, Megan Roth-Ueno and Chuck Ruoff for encouraging education and fun all rolled into one!

Date Added: 5/12/2022

Students Build Connections

Graphic that says Port Jefferson school district recognizes Mental Health Awareness Month thumbnail216634
Earl L. Vandermeulen High School and Port Jefferson Middle School are recognizing Mental Health Awareness Month with weekly initiatives coordinated by school social workers Kristin Britt and Larissa Hoefler along with school psychologist Kristen Wendel.

The purpose is to raise awareness and educate the public about mental health issues. The first week of the initiative students will focus on empathy. Students are encouraged to check in with each other for a few minutes in classes, with teachers walking around listening to ensure students are engaged in the activity and for any urgent topics that may arise.

According to Director of Health, Physical Education, Athletics and Nursing Mr. Adam Sherrard, the check-ins will deepen classroom connectedness and increase self-awareness as well as awareness of others.

Date Added: 5/2/2022


Mr. Brian Walker getting congratulated thumbnail216109

Although Mr. Brian Walker was officially named principal of Port Jefferson Middle School at the April 12 Board of Education meeting, the party didn’t start until the next morning.

As Mr. Walker walked up the drive to Port Jefferson Middle School he was greeted with cheers, tears, banners and even a bagpipe player to congratulate him on his new position.

The morning event was carefully – and secretly – coordinated by Interim Principal Mr. James Nolan, who had students, staff, administrators and Mr. Walker’s family in attendance for this extraordinary event that truly caught him off guard.

Date Added: 4/14/2022

Mr. Brian Walker Named Middle School Principal

Mr. Brian Walker thumbnail216037
The Port Jefferson School District is pleased to announce that Mr. Brian Walker was named principal of Port Jefferson Middle School at the April 12 Board of Education meeting.

Since April 2021, Mr. Walker has been the assistant principal at Edna Louise Spear Elementary School and Port Jefferson Middle School. He joined the school district after serving as an assistant principal at Selden Middle School in the Middle Country Central School District. Mr. Walker was the principal of Middle Country’s Extended School Year Program for three years, and a special education teacher for more than ten years.

Mr. Walker earned a Bachelor of Arts in Child Study and Students with Disabilities from St. Joseph’s College, and Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from Stony Brook University. He holds an advanced educational leadership certification from Stony Brook University.

“Mr. Walker is well-deserving of this appointment,” Superintendent of Schools Mrs. Jessica Schmettan said. “He has earned the respect and loyalty from fellow administrators, teachers, parents and, most importantly, our students. We congratulate him on this new role, and we are confident in his abilities to continue to build upon a supportive educational environment and positive culture in the school.”
Mr. Walker will replace Mr. James Nolan, who has been the interim principal of the Middle School since the start of the 2021-22 school year. Mr. Walker will begin his role on July 1, 2022.

Date Added: 4/13/2022

PJMS Science Olympiad Team Ranks in State Competition

Port Jefferson Middle School Science Olympiad team Members thumbnail215968
Port Jefferson Middle School Science Olympiad team Members thumbnail215969
Port Jefferson Middle School Science Olympiad team Members thumbnail215970
Port Jefferson Middle School Science Olympiad team Members thumbnail215971

The Port Jefferson Middle School Science Olympiad team finished with a rank of eighth overall in the New York State Science Olympiad competition. The competition was held at East Syracuse Minoa Central High School in Syracuse, New York, on April 8 and 9.

“The students were successful through their hard work in studying scientific principles and engineering devices to complete various tasks,” science teacher and coach Adam Bouchard said.

The team earned 10 medals and each team member was able to earn a medal in at least one event. Congratulations goes out to all team members and medal winners.

Port Jefferson Middle School Medal Winners:

2nd Place Crave the Wave - Evan Monaghan, Kenshin Sugimoto

2nd Place Dynamic Planet - Max Joyner, Marco Puopolo

3rd Place Crime Busters - Alice Snyder, Emily Snyder

3rd Place Ornithology - Jonah Boerboom, Kenshin Sugimoto

6th Place Green Generation - Max Joyner, Talin Bajaj

7th Place Disease Detectives - Christopher Nam, Kevin Hong

7th Place Ping Pong Parachute - Mari Fukuto, Rumaan Khan

8th Bridge - Max Joyner, Rumaan Khan

8th Place Electric Wright Stuff - Kieran Casey, Kevin Hong

8th Place Rocks and Minerals - Kristina Shterengas, Tucker Stanton

Date Added: 4/12/2022