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Music Students Attend Concert at Lincoln Center

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Port Jefferson elementary, middle and high school music students and their families attended an evening performance of the New York Philharmonic at the newly renovated David Geffen Hall in Lincoln Center on Nov. 22. Attendees enjoyed the orchestra's concert program featuring “The Planets” by Gustav Holst while also catching a glimpse of Thanksgiving parade preparations along 5th Avenue.

Date Added: 11/28/2023

Middle School STEM

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Ms. Consalvo and Ms. Hein's students in Port Jefferson Middle School joined for a STEM activity. The students worked in groups creating castles and towers using only index cards.

The first task was to design a tower of three stories and then to create another, this time with a different base than the first. They were not permitted to cut the cards, use scissors or tape. They could create bases on any shape as well as fold the cards into any shape. Lastly, they timed each other to see who created a three story tower the fastest.

“The students had to work with each other to brainstorm how to create a tower that would stay standing while they kept adding to it,” Ms. Consalvo said.

Thanks Ms. Consalvo, Ms. Hein and Mr. Rolfe for leading the students in this STEM lesson!


Date Added: 11/27/2023

A Visitor Sparks Curiosity Among Students

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Students in Ms. Michelle Landetta’s class were intrigued when they noticed special visitors from the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office visiting a health class at the high school.

“Mrs. Gray and I thought it would be a great idea for the students to each come up with one question to ask,” Ms. Landetta said. “Sheriff Jason took some time to meet with the boys and answered their questions. This was a perfect opportunity for the students to engage in conversations that sparked their curiosity.”

Date Added: 11/14/2023

Educational Experiences at Frost Valley!

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Port Jefferson Middle School eighth graders participated in nature hikes, outdoor living skills, science exploration and teambuilding during this year’s trip to Frost Valley.

The two days of adventures included ziplining, a glider activity, the leap of faith, apple cider making, teambuilding activities and archery. The students also sang karaoke, participated in square dancing, roasted marshmallows, created smores, watched a bird show and played board games.

“The students enjoyed themselves and created lasting memories,” Principal Brian Walker said.

Date Added: 11/7/2023

Youth Summit Empowers Students

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Members of the Port Jefferson School District Unified Bowling and Unified Basketball teams attended the Special Olympics Section XI Unified Special Olympics Youth Summit in Sayville on Nov. 3.

The Youth Summit’s goal is to empower students to be leaders of change and facilitate inclusion of all students regardless of their abilities.

At the event, students from various schools participated in icebreaker activities and planned ideas on how to help promote and increase inclusivity in their schools.

The Port Jefferson group of 15 students – Brendan Baez, Mariangely Beltran, Cade Delgado, Thalia Dorsett, Kayden Jeudy, Keyth Jeudy, Jayden Katsaros, Dan Kubek, Maria Oliva, Keanny Polanco, Tomas Qepuri, Hannah Shikora, Jake Siganoc, Brandon Verruto and Andrea Viejo – was accompanied by Unified Basketball and Bowling coaches Josh Shields and Mike Maletta, as well as special education teacher Gina Fedler, paraprofessional Karin Mall and Athletic Director Adam Sherrard. The students returned to Port Jefferson with great ideas about inclusivity to share with students and staff. 

Date Added: 11/3/2023