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Staff Directory

Central Office & Department Staff

District-Level Staff
Administrative Offices
( Superintendent of Schools)
(Deputy Superintendent)

(District Clerk)

Business Office
(Senior Account Clerk/Payroll)

(Account Clerk/Accounts Payable)
(Office Applications Specialist for Business)

(District Treasurer)

Curriculum and Instruction
(Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction)

(Senior Office Assistant for Curriculum & Instruction/ Registrar)

Facilities & Operations
(Head Custodian (HS))

(Crew Leader)
(Plant Facilities Administrator)

(Senior Office Assistant for Transportation, Operations & Maintenance)
(Head Custodian (ES))

Human Resources
(Executive Director of Human Resources)
(Personnel Assistant)

Music & Fine Arts
(Director of Music & Fine Arts)

Office of Technology & Information Systems
(Network & Systems Administrator)

(Network and Systems Specialist II)
(Network and Systems Technician)

(Senior Office Application Specialist for District Data)
(Network & Systems Specialist I)

Physical Education, Health & Athletics
(Director of Physical Education, Health & Athletics)
(Office Assistant for Athletics)

Pupil Personnel Services
(Principal Office Assistant for Pupil Personnel Services)

Special Education Program
(Director of Special Education)

(Senior Office Assistant for Transportation, Operations & Maintenance)

Our Schools/Buildings

Central Office & Department Staff
Earl L. Vandermeulen HS
Edna Louise Spear ES
Port Jefferson MS